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AMJADI producent flaków baranich



Our sheep casings are imported directly from our own and allied manufacturing plants. This makes them more durable, as the scarcity of food for sheep in these areas force them to travel more, making their intestines more resistant.

AMJADI producent flaków baranich



Thanks to many years of tradition and experience, we are able to provide the highest quality of products by using a sytem that has been implemented and approved by the veterinary inspection systerm, HACCP, which allows us to accurately identify any potential dangers a batch of casings may afflict to the health of consumers, and then remove said health risk from our product or reduce it to safe levels.

AMJADI producent flaków baranich



We are able to provide a service that reduces the time and costs of production and maximises our stock, by properly conditioning the sheep intestines that our customers’ plants use for the manufacture of their sausages, as well as our ability to lower the consumption of intestines per 100kg of filling.

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